TNSED School App

TNSED School App

Download The Latest Version of TNSED School App : TNSED School App is a popular modern indian education system app used for entering students attendance

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Overview of TNSED school App

With the increase in technology, everything is becoming modern in today’s time, our education system has also become very modern. In earlier times, the attendance of all the teachers and students of the school was noted in the registers by hand, due to which a lot of time was wasted and later it was very difficult to find the data of any teacher or any student. To solve all these problems, the developer of Tamil Nadu has developed an app called TNSED Schools App.

With the help of this app, all the information about the attendance of the admin staff, teachers, health workers and students of the entire school is available in one place.

If you work in the education field, then the app will be very helpful for you. This app has been specially designed for the education system, because in today’s time our education system has been updated online. At present, there is no need for thick registers to note the attendance of teachers and students. The information of all the staff, teachers and students is stored very easily in this application.

What is TNSED School App ?

TNSED Schools app is a free education system maintenance mobile application created by the developer of Tamil Nadu for the online convenience of school administrators, staff, teachers and other workers. With the help of this app, the developer can see the attendance of school students and outside students or information of teachers at any time. Due to Corona, the study of students started to be done at home, so it was difficult to set up the attendance of the students, due to which this app was developed. If you have TNSED School APP Full Form Tamil Nadu School Education Department

Download TNSED School App for android ?

If you want to download the TNSED School App on your Android device and mobile phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store. To run this app in Android devices, you must have at least version 7.0 of Android in your phone, only then you can download and install this app in your mobile phone. You can download TNSED School from a 3rd party website or from our website. We have given its latest version 0.0.71 in our website. You can easily download it. You can Easily Tensed school app New Version Download From our web.

How to download TNSED School Apk ?

You can download the latest version of TNSED Schools APK from our website, or you can also download its APK version from the Google Play Store. We have given some steps below to download this application, you can easily download and install apk file by following them.

  • Open our website or Google Play Store
  • Search on play store search box TNSED Schools
  • Press on search button
  • Once you Find Tnsed Schools App, Click to install option .

How to Install TNSED School Apk ?

If you are an android user, then it is very easy for you to install the TNSED Schools APK on your phone. Because you can easily install it like other apps in Android devices. Installing and running this application is very easy because its user interface is quite easy to understand and clear. We have given some simple steps below to install the TNSED app, which you can follow.

  • First download TNSED Schools App apk in your android device.
  • Open this apk file, and click to install button
  • When you start installing the TNSED Schools app, it will ask you for some permissions. Allow these permissions.
  • Now select your fevrate lanugage and city, Where you live .
  • Accept the privacy policy, term conditions and some permissions
  • Finnaly TNSED App is installed on your Android phone. Now you can run it without any problem.

Download TNSED Schools Apk For Android Device

TNSED Schools App is a very good education mobile application, which is very easy to understand, run and download. You can download TNSED Mobile App from the link given below.

Download The Latest Version of TNSED School App
App NameTNSED Schools App
Release Date NA
Last Update10 Aug, 2023
Latest Version0.0.79
Required Android Version 7.0+
IOS VersionNot Available
LanguageEnglish, Hindi, Tamil

TNSED School App New Version Download

TNSED School App is the same small size application, If you want to download and update the TNSED School App New Version, you can download its latest version 0.0.71 from our website. Apart from this, you can download it from Google Play Store.

TNSED School App Old Version Download

If your phone is of the old Android version and you are looking for the old version of the TNSED School app, then we have given the download link of its old version, you can easily download it, but we suggest you to use the new version of this app because many new features and functions have been given in the new version of this app, With the help of which you can easily track the attendance of students and workers in a better way. Overall, you can download any version of this app.

How to TNSED School App Update ?

If you are running an old version of the Tnsed School App and want to update it, then we have given the latest version of the Tnsed School App on our website, you can update it from anywhere. Apart from this, you can also update it from the Play Store, whose steps we have written below.

  • Open google play store on your mobile
  • Search and select Tnsed school App
  • If its latest version has come, then you will see the update option there. Press on update button
  • Now it will start updating automatically, Keep enjoy this latest version.

Best Features of TNSED School App

Developed By Tamil School Education SystemAttendance of all people at one place
Although there are many more educational apps, But the Tnsed Schools App has been officially Developed by the Tamil School Education System. This feature makes it the most special.With the help of this app, the attendance information of all the students and school staff can be stored in one place, which the school administrator can easily track and see.
Easy to understand and runAll facilities in one place
The user interface of this application is quite simple and clear, so that it is easy for teachers and students to understand and runIn this app, you get all the facilities related to online education in one place. Due to which a lot of work is done in minutes.
TNSED Schools App is specially designed for android users, the application is compatible with all android platforms because there are a lot of android users in India and this is a Indian school mobile app.TNSED Schools App is a very trusted Indian application, This is certified by the Indian Tamil School Education System and Google Play Store.
500,000+ DownloadsSmall size application
This application is very popular in school teachers and staff. TNSED has been downloaded more than 500,000+ times from the Google Play Store.The size of the latest version of the TNSED Schools App is only 19 MB, you can easily run it in your mobile.
Easy Sign Up and Login Process3.2 Star Rating
It is very easy for new users to signup and login to this application, Any teacher can easily download this application and create own account easily.TNSED Schools App is a Tamil School Education System application and has a rating of 3.2 stars from Google Play Store

Pros and Cons of TNSED Schools App

Certified from Tamil School Education SystemOnly for Indian users
Easy to UpdateSometime server not respond
Fast and SmoothHanging Problem
User FriendlyIOS version not available
Small SizeOnly for android users

How to Download TNSED Schools App on iPhone ?

If you are an iPhone user, then let us tell you that the TNSED Schools App is made only for Android mobile users, if you want to download this app on your iOS device, then you have to wait now. Whenever its iOS version is released, we first updated it on our website. Until then, you may have to wait. Hopefully, the Tamil School Education System will release its iOS version soon.

How to TNSED Schools App Free Download For PC ?

If you want to download the TNSED Schools app to your Windows PC, then let us tell you that its windows version has not come yet, so you can not run it in your computer. But you can login to the official website of TNSED Schools, there you will get all the information of the students. By the way, you can run it in your desktop PC with the help of Blue Stack emulator. For this, you have to first download the Blue Stack emulator in your PC, only then you can install the TNSED Schools App in your PC. Whenever its window version comes, first of all we will update on our site.

FAQ About TNSED School App

What is tnsed attendance app ?

Tnsed App is a modern education system application, With its help, the attendance and health screening of all the students of the school and other working workers in the school is done very easily. Its main purpose is to store the attendance data of students and workers.

How To Download TNSED School App Latest version ?

You can easily download the TNSED School app on your phone. We have given the latest version of TNSED School app on our website, you can download it from our website, you can also download it from the Play Store.

How to login TNSED School App ?

Logging and signing up for the TNSED App is very easy. Below are some steps to login and sign up.

  1. First of all, you have to download it on your mobile. after download open the app now.
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Now you will see the option to enter your name, school name and EMIS ID.
  4. Set your username and password
  5. After completing this, open the app again.
  6. Enter the username and password you just set
  7. After this, login will be done successfully
How to Update TNSED School App ?

If you want to update the new version of the TNSED Attendance App, you can do it from the Google Play Store. When you search this app on the Play Store, you will find the update and download option there. Then press download or update button .


Nowadays, due to technology, everything is becoming modern, along with this, our education system is also being updated. Because of which most of the work is now done from mobile and computer, which also takes very little time. TNSED Schools App is also one such system, which has been designed to modernize education. With its help, teachers complete all their work very easily in a short time. Hopefully, the information given by us regarding this app is enough for you.